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© ROIBIS Ltd.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

© ROIBIS Ltd.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.



There is an increasing demand for interim managers with private sector background and a track record, or those who can identify new commercial income streams and experts who can advise them through change as they re-position themselves.  It can be a challenging task to find a passionately high calibre expert to fill a former management's shoes swiftly.  Not-for-profits have also realised they have to keep the chief executives role filled until a replacement is found.  There can be a five month gap between a chief executive leaving and having a successor in place.  But relying on another senior director stepping up into the post temporarily is a no-no.  Cutback in public spending and major donation, hypes reluctance in considering a senior at the top.  So the solution is to bridge the gap with an interim.  




We provide continuity, progression and experience to key positions at a critical time in your organisation by bridging the gap between demand, need and success.  Whilst our interim managers are in placement at your organisation, they have access to the experience and support of the Roibis team, bringing that experience alongside their own.  Should you strike a problem, for example, an unforseen mitigating circumstance, Roibis will immediately draft in a replacement and cover the time costs.  Placements can range from Fundraising Directors to Appeal and Campaign Managers and Chief Executives.



We can support you with key senior continuity so that you have the time to develop a role or we can provide added capacity at a critical time, such as while going through an organisational review or a strategic planning



Roibis' experienced team of Associates across the spectrum of senior roles and sector experience.


Once we receive the details of the interim post, we can circulate it immediately, so you would have some CVs to consider within three days.


Daily rate varies according to the interims track record and experience.  It can also vary according to the duration of work.  


We have a track record of successfully placing the top interim managers.


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We can help you find the perfect interim manager.